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    May 20, 2011
    Here's my current setup:

    2 Mac Mini Servers, both with 2x1TB RAID 1 configs - operate Open Directory, DNS, and File Sharing with two Drobo B800i's attached via iSCSI. Files are sync'd between the two automatically (software scans for new files or changes).

    1 Mac Mini Server, 2x1TB RAID 1 performs Time Machine Backups. Has a DroboPro attached via ISCSI.

    All Mac's backup to the Mac Mini Server via Time Machine. All Mac's access the first Mac Mini for file sharing services. If the first server fails, we simply connect to the second server. A logon script connects us to whichever server is active at the time, choosing the primary one first.

    2 MacBook Pro 15" connects wirelessly
    2 Mac Mini's connect wired
    1 iMac connects wired
    3 Apple TV's connects wired, one to each TV
    1 Airport Extreme upstairs
    2 Airport Expresses (extend range and provide music in a specific room of the house, 1 downstairs, 1 near garage)

    1 Netgear 24 port switch, 1 Netgear UTM25 Security Applicance

    Here's where I need help deciding:

    1. File syncing works well with small files. But with larger files, it can take a long time. It sometimes crashes.
    2. We want to add 2 Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs. I heard there are problems joining them to the Mac servers.

    Microsoft Server offers DFS, distributed file system, which does what I want. Do you think its worth replacing the two Mac Mini servers with windows servers, that offer what we want and keep the other Mac Mini server for Time Machine backups for Macs?

    Change the Mac's to join Active Directory instead. I feel Mac's are great and the setup has done us very well, but there's so many advantages to having Windows as the servers as Mac OS X Server doesn't have these features, at least not yet. I've been requesting a DFS like service since 10.4 Server and Apple has yet to implement anything. I don't know if its worth waiting for or not

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