Mac IE Image Problem. Images appear at first but later won't load. (Frames & Flash)


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May 7, 2005

I'm experiencing a problem with Mac Internet Explorer not displaying images.

I've built a Web-site that has two frames, one above the other. In the top frame is a Flash menu. The Flash menu controls the loading of HTML pages into the lower frame.

This navigation works without a problem. However when navigating back to a HTML page that has previously been displayed, in the lower frame, an image in that page sometimes won't appear. This is something of a problem as I'm resizing a 1 x 1 spacer.gif inside tables to layout the site.

This is an intermittent problem and seems to happen most if a user clicks quickly from one page to another. Once an image has been lost it does not appear on any pages, and even disappears from pages that are already open and contain that image.

This problem only happens when using Mac IE (I've experienced it with both OS X 10.3 & 10.4). There are no problems when using Safari and Firefox.

Please see attached screen-shots and try for yourself here:

(Click: 'LAUNCH SITE')

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.





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Sep 3, 2003
Alta, Norway
Worked fine in IE Win at least...

One thing I noticed was that the iDEA logo was cut in half, and I had to scroll down to view it. Might want to put it a little bit higher up.

This was with IE Win and Firefox, 1024x768.


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Oct 19, 2004
Calgary, AB
Yeah if the only problem is IE on mac I wouldn't worry about it. No one really uses it anyways. It's one of the few browsers I feel can be ignored when testing.