Mac+iphone=bluetooth earphones??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bizzaregood, Apr 14, 2009.

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    So i was thinking and had a crazy urge to use my computer as speakers for my iphone... with 3.0 supporting stereo via bluetooth why not?

    I know we can use Bluephone elite or whatever for phone calls right now.

    but is there a way we can use bluetooth as earphones for the ipod app??

    im trying to do more research to see if this can be done... im guessing if the bluetooth stack can due calls 2 way audio when apple says it only supports one way, we should be good on both accounts. and its just that matter of telling the iphone we are a headset and not a computer

    (if you feel this should be in a different iphone section say so)

    (( i figured i would mention that i had to do this with a tethered iphone connection because my wifi just died))
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