Mac Ipod Promo Soon??


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Oct 6, 2005
I know that in the past few years they have had promotions...basically if you qualify for the education discount you can get a free ipod with the purchase of a mac. In 03' and 04', if you bought a mac, you got 200 off of an ipod. Last year if you bought a mac you got a free ipod mini, or the equivalent price off of another ipod. I know in 03' the promo started at the end of May and last year it started at the end of June. I made out last year getting a free mini with the purchase of my powerbook and my mom, whom is a teacher will be buying a macbook soon, but I told her to wait for the promo, so I will be giving her the extra money to get the free ipod before I cant wait!

Any ideas when the promo will begin...I doubt they wont have one this year??


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May 25, 2006
I just went to the Apple website and there is a promo. Buy a mac and get an iPod nano free.