Mac is playing up after reset pls help!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by VickiFoster, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Sep 23, 2012
    Hello everyone,

    Apologies but I’m having a few issues that I’m hoping I can find help with.

    I think my Mac is on its last legs as it’s about 5 years old now and the logic board has gone so I have no sound at all (it’s been like this for months). It’s also very slow now (although I’m not sure if that’s just my broadband playing up though).

    Last night it was playing me up and was just saying the server wasn’t responding when I was trying to get onto some websites. I basically ended up resetting Safari which seemed to sort the problem out but now I have two options of loads of things! Like in the Apple menu there is two off shut down, restart, log off etc. It looks so messy!

    There’s also a black rectangular box that has appeared and just sits there on the page and if say I was logging onto my email then where I put the email and password then the boxes now have the weird black box as well!

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get rid of these extra options and the box?!

    I had 16,000 photos on my iPhoto so a couple of weeks ago I deleted them to clear up space (after putting them onto cds of course!) but a lot of the photos were in Aperture as well and for some reason I could no longer access the photos in Aperture so I lost all my photos!

    I thought the libraries were supposed to be separate? Some of the pics stayed and I mean like only 20 and they were the most recent. When I hovered over the photos I could see they had ‘referenced file’ in the photo info box. Does anyone know what that means?!

    All the other photos just became empty boxes and the photo info box said the image file number and in brackets said ‘file not found’.

    I’m getting frustrated by all the issues as it’s been fine and I love my mac 

    Thank you!

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    Sounds like you've got two separate issues.

    The extra menu items and box and the iPhoto/Aperture stuff.

    Does the extra menu/box issue persist after reboot? I know nothing about Aperture so I can't be of any assistance there.


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