Mac keeps saying to restart on boot up

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Roobsa, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    Yesterday, my MBP gray screened with the "You need to restart your computer..." error message. I have absolutely no idea what could have caused this, although Final Cut Studio 2 did finish installing about 10 minutes before it happened for the first time. I tried restarting a few times but the error message kept on appearing about 30-60 seconds after the desktop loads up. I left the laptop alone over night and in the morning, I switched it on and it appeared to have fixed itself but this afternoon, the restart screen came up again.

    I have a time machine backup from yesterday, but as I have work due in at the end of this week, I'm a little bit panicky at the moment.

    What I'm concerned about, is that if I reinstall Snow Leopard, then restore from a Time Machine back up, it's just going to restore this error.

    If anyone could help, it would really be appreciated. (I've attached the error message if anyone doesn't know what I'm on about.)


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    kernal panic only when airport is on

    just turned on my macbook and got the same messege but only when my airport card is turned on this has never been an issue and I would like to keep this macbook. can someone please help me
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    That suggests there is a problem with a kext, the Airport card itself, or possibly a kext dependency problem. I am going to lean on the side of the card itself being bad. Nevertheless, try booting with safeboot.
  6. thewright1, May 28, 2011
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    Replaced my hard drive, now I'm dealing with this same issue. I can't boot to safe mode though, just keeps showing that kernel error.

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