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    Dec 23, 2013

    I have a 27" iMac, about a year old and I'm on Maverick OS.

    I've had an intermittent problem since I got the machine that occasionally the mouse and keyboard would one or both stop responding. It seemed to only happen when I'd been using Photoshop (CS 5) for a while, with one or more moderately sized files open (or having opened and closed several files).

    Typically, the keyboard stops working. I'll be mid editing and try to use a keyboard shortcut in Photoshop only to have it not respond. If I switch programs using the mouse to say Pages or a web browser about half the time I'm able to type in those programs.

    Closing and restarting Photoshop has no affect on this; only restarting the machine gives me the keyboard / mouse back.

    It's so intermittent that I've been able to work around it so far without much more than a slight annoyance and honestly I've dealt with worse foibles with Windows machines.

    Today it did something new. I was mid-typing in a web browser window and the keyboard and mouse both froze up. The keyboard suddenly started backspacing the text I had in the form field and wouldn't stop. The mouse was unresponsive.

    The Mac continued to function though, as I have a timeout program to force me to take a break every hour and that kicked in normally. I tried removing the batteries from the keyboard (wireless standard that came with) and turned the mouse off and on (magic mouse). I also tried plugging in a USB mouse and keyboard that I've used with the machine before but still got no response.

    I had to hard reboot the machine to get the keyboard / mouse to work again. I checked when the machine came back on and my mouse battery was at 25% and keyboard at 30%. I did have Photoshop open in the background and had been in and out of it a bit throughout the day, hence why I mentioned the other issues above that may be connected.

    I can't think of anything else that might be affecting the machine. Of course, the original problem predates Maverick, but the software had been kept up to date to the latest version from purchase (I think that was from Mountain Lion but I can't remember).

    I can live with a little inconvenience when I have a chance to save everything and reboot, especially as it doesn't happen often at all. But if I'm now starting to loose work and have the whole thing lock up loosing me more potential work from long emails, then I'd rather try and figure this sucker out.

    Any suggestions or thoughts? I'm at a loss with this.

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    Jun 29, 2008
    slightly similar problem with OSX 10.9.1

    About the last time I had to do hard resets of an entire Mac machine was under OS 9 --until recently.

    I have a very new MacBook Pro, solid state drive with factory-installed Maverick. Every now and then, I click on a web page and the entire machine locks & freezes, including the mouse. I cannot do a force quit of a single program. The whole machine requires a hard reboot.

    It is infrequent--maybe once a week, but maddening. OS X got rid of the old machine crashes of OS 9 and its precursors, but they are back again after being gone for about a decade.

    Like "maps" it seems Apple rushed to release without the necessary care. The last thing Apple needs is throwback ten years in performance. Whole-machine crashes are now a reality again with the Mac.
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    Somewhere Back In The Long Ago
    I know I've had the odd issue with Safari on my rMBP but not to the extent as to cause a total lick out. Have you tried a permissions repair and an SMC reset?
  4. macmesser, Jan 3, 2014
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    I have experienced very similar problems which I thought just cropped up until I read your post. I was using CS6 with lots of files open and afterwards the mouse stopped responding. I remembered it happened the last time I used CS6. The similarity ends there as I'm on a MPro 2009 running 10.7.5 and connected to keyboard and mouse via usb. Also, the mouse and keyboard didn't come back after rebooting in some cases. No attempt to hijack, but this thread might throw some light on my problem and vice versa. Your mention of CS5 as a possible cause caught my attention.

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