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    Oct 21, 2012
    I have a macbook 7,1 which I bought around 2 years ago, Mac OS X. It had been working fine but today several applications opened at once and would not "shut", so I turned of the computer and reloaded it. On reloading it, it went into safe mode and it would not allow me to enter in using the internal keypad, ie I pushed some keys and they entered in a letter or number NOT corresponding to the key itself (eg pushing "R" and 2 would turn up on screen). I plugged in an external USB keypad and it worked fine. I went out of safe mode and reloaded the computer by turning it on and then off several times. The keyboard and function keys still do not work. Pushing some brings up a non-corresponding number or letter still.

    I have tryed:
    1. Rebooting the PRAM and SMC
    2. Using time machine and going back in time, but the problem with the internal keypad goes with it, ie no difference
    3. I have followed the mac website advise - ensured sound and mouse were not enabled, number lock of (but function keys don't work).
    4. An external USB keypad works fine.

    I see several people have posted a similar issue. There has been no spillage or trauma.

    I was wanting to know what people would do:
    1. ? Get another mac
    2. Delete or reset the hard drive and re-install the Mac OS. I do not have the disk with me so will have to borrow a friends.

    Any advice would be helpful.
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    Try #2 first.


    Take it to an Apple store, they have a diagnostic tool that bypasses your OS. If the keyboard is bad the repair (new top cover) is about $200 installed.

    Getting another Mac seems overkill, might be cheaper just to get AppleCare next time.

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