Mac locks folder when it opens a file in that folder

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Tommy Yesterday, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Tommy Yesterday macrumors newbie

    Sep 20, 2012
    I administer a mixed PC / Mac network.
    When one of my Macintosh-using clients* opens a file within a folder on my Windows 2008 R2 server, that folder is locked and other clients are unable to open that folder.
    This problem did not show up on any systems prior to my binding the Macs to the Active Directory.
    Any tips?

    * Clients are running 10.8 on a fleet of aging Mac Pros.
    ** My apologies if this should have gone in the 10.8 forum. Wasn't sure.
  2. Major.Robto macrumors 6502

    May 11, 2012
    Sounds like another Networking bug with OSX10.8

    Why are you not useing snow leo servers? They have much better compatibility with windows.
  3. jbellrmr macrumors newbie

    Jan 17, 2009
    Fort Collins, CO
    File Locking Trouble on OSX Server

    Same problem here. Have a mixed environment of mostly Win 7 Pro clients on Lion Server (Mac Mini). Storing a database on the server. Up to Lion 10.7.3, all was well...all clients could access the dB individually and concurrently. Then, silly me, I updated to LS 10.7.4 (now 10.7.5 - hoping for solution). All clients Win and Mac can access the dB, but NOT concurrently. I have unchecked the file permissions parameter in TimeMachine that allows LS to lock files NOT accessed in 2 weeks. Have also checked and double-checked all permissions settings.

    Spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple Enterprise Support and they have no solution yet. It seems to be a compatibility problem with Apple's smb (Samba) implementation. I've read Apple calls it Soosh. Whatever, I sure wish Apple would fix concurrent access, like YESTERDAY. Sorry, my clients are killing me on this one.

    P.S. The dB is MS Access and I am considering using the Access frontend program we've built on top of a MySQL backend dB. More complexity and no assurance the conversion work will pay off with concurent access. This is a continuing saga...Apple please pay attention...


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