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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by cicakchanson, Feb 18, 2010.

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    I currently work at a job where they insist that you use their email 'program' which involves signing in online to their private system and doing all of your email tasks on their terms. Problem is this email "system" harkens back to Windows 95 and its driving me nuts. I can't even forward my emails from this system automatically. I asked the tech guy if I could do this and he looked at me funny and told me our email is encrypted and secure. What I wanted to do would be a breach of "security." Oh, by the way, I work at a school, not the Pentagon. God forbid anybody should break in and (gasp) find out when the eighth grade bake sale is!

    Anyhow, in order to make my life a little bit easier I would like to know if its possible to get the MAIL app to send emails out as if they are coming from my oh-so-secure account (and the associated address) rather than my mobile me account currently assigned to the MAIL app. So, at the end of the day my work thinks I'm using their arcane system to send out emails but I'm actually using the less cumbersome Mac Mail app. I know I won't be able to receive emails from this arrangement (unless someone thinks they can help me with that too :D ) but right now its enough for me to be able to reply using the MAIL app as long as it looks like its coming from my work email address. Thanks for the help!


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    If an attacker wanted to break into your system they wouldn't be after bake sale information. They'd be looking to take control of machines for whatever purpose.

    You can probably do it, but since it's against your school's policy I don't think you should. Perhaps you can run it by the tech guy you talked to earlier; if it can be done I'm sure he would know how.
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    Think long and hard before you try to get around this !!!

    1.) What you want to do would be considered email spoofing and is not a good practice. Your email could even be blocked by spam filters. While your from address would be your school email address the embedded email header information would not match and would show that you are not using your school system (and this is something that you can not change)

    2.) Read your employee handbook. You most likely see that you could be terminated for doing this.

    3.) Your school system probably has an email retention system that archives your sent/received emails and/or encrypts them (this may even be required by your state for legal reasons) and it may be against the law to send/receive any email from your school without this retention.

    4.) If you use your home personal computer for conducting school business (and sending an email as if you are using your school system) you open up your personal computer for legal discovery in the event that you are involved in any legal issue with a student or the school.

    5.) Remember that while you do not work at the pentagon you are dealling with some very personal and private information about your students. Grades, behavior issues, perhaps social security numbers....etc... Would you want this information about you "floating" around the internet?

    So in the interest of your job security and the privacy of your students just grit your teeth and use the school's system.

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