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    Apr 26, 2014
    MBPro 10.6.8 & Mac Mail 4.6: I'm having the following issue w/Mac Mail, POP and Gmail, which I never had before and seems like abnormal
    behavior for POP. If anyone can advise, please do.

    I have Mac Mail set up w/POP for my Gmail acct. I have it set to delete all downloaded/in-coming emails, which I save/archive. I do this because I’ve been hacked by a stalker and I don’t know how else to protect my
    communication (also use w/my .com email).

    This never happened before, but now when I send an email via Mac Mail it instantly shows up in the “Sent” folder of the Gmail email acct. online. Now when he hacks me again, he can see all my outgoing emails messages unless I go into Gmail and delete them manually, which is a huge pain and negates the purpose of using Mac Mail.

    Can anyone help me w/this issue. I spent 4+ hours w/Apple and they
    say it’s Google. I have no idea how to stop this transfer of sent
    messages from Mac Mail to Gmail.

    Thanks! :confused:
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    Dec 5, 2009
    POP doesn't change anything about that. This is just how mail boxes work IMAP just syncs what you have read and folders and more.

    Even with POP the procedure when you send a mail goes as follows.

    Write mail hit send
    The mail is uploaded to the mailbox server over its TLS connection.
    From there it is sent to all the specified receivers.
    They get it and download it or view it in a webclient.

    It has to upload to the mail server. You could go for IMAP and write some script that automatically clears the sent folder. POP helps you nothing.

    Get a better password to protect yourself from getting hacked and don't write it down if your stalker can get access to your computer.
    The password isn't saved anywhere even your own computer stores it encrypted. If he/she cannot guess it, or read it from a note, it is save.
    Think up a strong password. Stuff like your email should have a strong password.
    You can get a second not important e-Mail. I got two that are used for forums and such but never private or important banking, purchase mails. It doesn't need a strong password because there is nothing of real worth in it. 99% spam and some info on which forums I am useing.
    Some people get their Mail hacking because they don't use a different password for the Mail and a website like macrumors is hacked and programmed by idiots who don't store passwords in hashed form. Not that Macrumors does that but there are some and they do get hacked sometimes.
    Just always have a seperate strong password for the e-Mail. Facebook, Macrumors can all have the same weak password if you don't care but the mailbox MUST have a completely different and strong password.
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    Apr 23, 2012

    I agree with dusk007's recommendation that you change the password for your Gmail account. Use a unique, strong one that would be very difficult for anyone else to figure out. I would also go a step further and enable Google 2-Step Verification. With it enabled, even if someone knows your Gmail password, he or she would also need access to your phone to get the verification code required to login to your account.

    If you set up your email account as IMAP instead of POP, any messages you delete in Mail will also be deleted from any other mail client, such as your phone and the Gmail website. You can find instructions for IMAP here.

    Regarding the sent messages appearing in Gmail's Sent folder, that seems normal to me. Are you saying that you have other accounts set up in Mail, and that messages sent from those accounts are also appearing in the Sent folder on Gmail?

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