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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by schwine1, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I purchased a Mac computer with Snow Leopard already installed on the computer, and somewhere along the way I deleted iCal. As I understand it from the Apple link below, iCal is "bundled" with Mac Mail and Address Book <>. And that Mac Mail can be configured to include online email accounts like gmail.

    I'm currently using Mac Mail 4.3 (1081), and as far as I know, I cannot use this version of Mac Mail to include online email like gmail. This particular version of Mac Mail is corrupted on my computer as the plus sign and edit buttons on the bottom of the Address Book are not visible.

    I am interested in re-gaining the use of the plus sign and edit button within the Mac Mail Address Book, and also in accessing online email accounts within Mac Mail.

    Since Snow Leopard was already installed on my computer when I purchased it, I don't currently have a Snow Leopard installation disk.

    As such, what is the best way for me to update my Mac Mail application in order to use the Address Book and online email account applications mentioned above within Mac Mail.

    My best guess is to purchase the Snow Leopard installation disk independently, and use Pacifist software to extract iCal from this disk, and through iCal, use Mac Mail for my two applications of interest.

    Thanks for any tips.
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    It sounds like some of your core Apple Applications are corrupted/missing.

    I would suggest backing up your data, inserting the system disk and reinstalling Snow Leopard.
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    Did you get this computer used? If you got it new then it should have come with a 10.6 restore disk and an Applications restore disk.
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    My computer was purchased new, and I have now located my installation disks for Snow Leopard. One disk is a mac os install dvd, and the second disk is an applications install dvd. So I assume I would use the applications install dvd to access and re-install iCal.

    To my knowledge, Pacifist (as third party software) is still the only way to extract and install an individual application like iCal from the applications install dvd.
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    To the OP:
    You need to access the Help file within Mail to find out how to configure the app so you can access things like gmail and such. Mail is not limited to just POP accounts but other email formats as well. I used to have mine setup to access my main isp email accounts and Netscape email - you just have to know how to do that. Like I said, read the Help file or even get a book on Mac apps and go from there. In the long run this will help you more than you realize.
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