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    I am about to take a 1700 - 1800 mile trip by car (relocating from NJ to CO).
    I'd like to divide the trip up into three 600 miles days of driving. Is there a simple way in any of the Mac mapping programs or web sites (i.e. Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Mapquest) to divide up a trip into multiple segments of a certain length (say 600 miles in my case), or am I going to have to total up the miles along the route until I get to 600 miles & figure out where to stop overnight that way?
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    I hate to sound simplistic with this suggestion.... but all you really need to do is set your automobile trip odometer to zero and start looking for a stopover when it approaches 600 miles.

    As far as doing it with the Maps programs (Apple or Google), I'm not sure there is an automatic way. If you print out the entire trip first, you may be able to find 600 mile increments that way.
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    True, but I'd like to reserve a hotel room in advance. I'd like to figure out the approximate area that 600 mile segments will take me & reserve a room in the area ahead of time....
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    Google Maps (and others) can easily do least mapping the route and letting you see places to consider stopping as mentioned.

    Most folks do this on their phone, so they can follow along live. Waze is very popular for this. They also have a live map available on the web, if you can't/don't want to use a phone.

    The easiest, assuming you plan and map before you go, is covered pretty well in these tips and tricks. Another write up here.

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