Mac Mini + 10.5 Server In Small Architects Practice

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    Hello everyone.

    Sorry for this "dumb post", but I was hoping for some help in finding some good resources.

    My old man is a self employed architect, and he's Mac'd to the hilt! Works from home and the office (and away on sites too) has a business ISP (fixed) and home (O2 - don't ask!!!). Needs access to file from anywhere and print from home on plotter at work, etc. He's not too happy with the e-mail and I'm going to see if an "in-house" Mac Mail set-up (with iCal, and blogs, etc) can work with this simple set-up.

    (and if it works out well, I'll install something similar at home too! :) )

    In my younger days before I saw the light, I dabbled a bit in WinTel NT4, but have to say I've moved on a bit to less technical stuff, and am a little pained to figure out a basic element of an OSX 10.5 Server Standard install on a MacMini.

    After scanning the resources on Apple's site, the standard configuration of 10.5 is perfect. But I'm at pains to grasp the issue of Server Name and how DNS will work for external resolution. If I understand the "guides" correctly, my 10.5 server will pick up DHCP from the Airport, and my Airport will have outside world internet info (ISP details, etc) via a ADSL2+ modem and the WAN port on teh Airport. But this means that not only will my mini be a private LAN dynamic address, but also the ISP provided info could be dynamic (if set-up at home).

    So, how do I... what...

    In the good old days I have a box with 2 NIC's. One went to the outside world and was associated with DynDNS (which now looks far to confusing to me!) and the other NIC was on my private LAN.


    Any good books, resources that can help me through this???

    Or has anyone done this at home and can offer any top tips.

    Thanks in advance.

    Roland (who feel's really dumb right now!) :confused::confused::confused:
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    May 18, 2008
    Why don't you just use portforwarding on the airport to forward port 80 and 443 and what ever port you use for mail...
    As for DNS i would use DynDNS and set it up to forward to your domain...
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    Forgive me if I am missing something but couldn't he do all this with MobileMe, or is this the email he isn't too impressed with.
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    That operating system is more than the computer!

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