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Nov 1, 2006
Question on networking on Mac mini:

Would it be possible to connect a NAS directly to a 2018 Mac mini’s 10Gbe Ethernet to get max speed and still use WiFi to connect the Mac to an AirPort Extreme?

My Airport is on the first floor and my office is on the second floor without an Ethernet jack.

Would I just use Mac OSX share internet connection option with the NAS or is there a better way to configure?


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Jul 30, 2010
You could use a different ip segment for your 10g (ex. 10.10.1.x) and set your wifi (internet reachable) as the priority network and have the gateway and dns set to your airport. The NAS would have a 10.10.1.x ip and I would have a host entry in the mac for the NAS unit. That should work without network traffic getting confused. The NAS would essentially become a DAS.
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