Mac Mini 2.0: should i wait to what happens on Jan 15th

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by MAC-newbe, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. MAC-newbe macrumors newbie

    Dec 5, 2007
    I'm shopping for my first Mac (throwing out my PC which is just about dead).
    I've read all kinds of speculation that the Mac Mini may be discontinued or upgraded next month. That makes me think i should hold off another 6 weeks, despite my urge to just buy one now.

    Why are so many seasoned mac-veterins continuing to buy the Mac Mini in light of the upcoming Macworld Conference.

    Any help
    would be appreciated.
  2. chris200x9 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 3, 2006
    it is said alot but is true "if you need it buy it" if you can hang on I'd wait to see what "might" happen but if not just buy it now. Plus I don't think there is a mobile chip out right nw any better so at most you would get a speed bump. IMO
  3. ndriver182 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 26, 2007
    Any thoughts on any possible upgraded features that would even make sense though if there was an upgrade? I'm in the same boat as OP. I'm actually selling my Mac Pro and downgrading to a Mini and building a Windows gaming rig. I'm really tempted to just go get a mini when I get my money, but I could just use my MBP until Mac World if necessary. I just don't know if waiting will prove to be worthwhile.
  4. bluesjam macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Welcome to the mysterious world of Apple.
    Apple does not like to make infamous claims or promises or anything of that sort. ( eg We are gonna do this and that ... so on)
    When they have done something it is then they reveal it to the world. ( Hey folks we have done this, do you like it)

    Don't read into too much about the mysterious fate awaiting the mac mini. Well right now the model offered for sale it pretty good enough. Also you must know that the parts of the mac mini are mostly derived from the macbook hence the high price. You can buy one now or continue to hold on, which depends on your current requirements.

    I myself have a mac mini 2005 year model and am waiting for the mysterious fate awaiting the mac mini. I am looking to buy the 600 dollar model and would like the hard drive to be bumped from 80 gb to 120 gb at least. If it does not happen, I would buy it no matter what.

    So it depends on what kind of upgrade you are looking for. If you are happy with the current version then buy also consider what if there is no upgrade will you buy it then.
  5. Brandonnn macrumors member


    Nov 25, 2007
    I am in same situation as op. I am going to wait to buy a mini after jan 15. Though I don't think you can to much better with the mini in its state. Upgrading the parts might increase the heat or noise even.

    Like bluesjam said, I am going to buy one for sure as well, be nice if they bumped up some stats..especially superdrive and 2g standard for base model. I don't think the graphics card will improve much.

    I guess well have to wait and see.....
  6. kermit4161 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2006

    Actually, I think the graphics card will be what is upgraded next (if they upgrade something). They bumped the MacBook graphics card from the Intel 950 to the new Intel GMA 3100... and the mini is really just a laptop without the monitor/keyboard. They just bumped the processors, so I doubt that'll get a boost (but maybe). Don't count on getting a Superdrive in a base model. There has to be something to differentiate between a base and deluxe model.

    But I'm betting that the Mini won't get upgraded at all...
  7. Brandonnn macrumors member


    Nov 25, 2007
    Just curious kermit, how much beter is the gma 3100 card versus the old? Would it increase heat a lot more or noise levels?

  8. kermit4161 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2006
    The GMA 3100 uses twice the system RAM than the 950 (144 MB vs 64 MB)... but since there is more available RAM in the new C2D machines, that is a good thing if you max out your RAM.

    I doubt it would run much hotter... or at least noticeably hotter. The airflow in the Mini is better than in the MacBooks, so I'd assume that it'd run cooler than a MacBook... With that said, I've been testing a new MacBook at work and it doesn't appear to run hotter than the older version.

    By noise levels I'm assuming that you are meaning that if it ran hotter, the fan would run more? I don't know. I'm in the second week of having my C2D Mini and haven't heard the fan yet.
  9. Brandonnn macrumors member


    Nov 25, 2007
    Yes, I was woried the fans would have to work harder to compensate for the beter graphics card. Thank you for your insight. If you don't mind me asking what do you do again for your work? Well, you are probaly right about mini having an upgrade..hope they do have some upgrade. But the way the rumors are maybe they'll just discontinue it.

    Form your usage of your mini so far, is there any advice for someone whose going to buy one soon? Terms of accessories /upgrades/and choice of monitor... Iam hoping apple will drop cinema displays so I can consider buying one with my future mini :)
  10. kermit4161 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2006
    I'm a computer systems manager (mac), supporting two newspaper networks, computer technician (mac/PC) and also a networking student (working on my CCNA certification). I keep busy :) I've been working on macs for 11 years now. I am not an 'expert' by any means, whatever that means... but I've got a lot of experience with them and I do make my living working with/on them.

    As for pre-purchase advice:

    I really like the 2.0 C2D model. It is a better deal IMO than the 1.83 version... Especially if you can snag an Apple Refurb. They had one for $679 the other week (I hesitated buying it when I saw it and it was gone 15 minutes later).

    Get an Apple Refurb if at all possible. It is an excellent deal if you are not in a rush (wait for one you want to become available and jump on it right away).

    Get your RAM aftermarket (I like OWC) and get at least 3 GB... it is so cheap!

    I like the new wireless Apple keyboard, but it is still taking time to get used to how small it is.

    I also like the Logitech LX7 wireless mouse. The Mighty Mouse is just too... touchy for me.

    Monitors all depend on your budget. I am a big fan of Samsung monitors. But I've heard good things about Dell monitors too. Apple's monitors are just too pricey for what you get IMO... but they look stunning.

    I wouldn't worry about getting a larger internal drive for a Mini, I would put that $$ towards a large, external Firewire drive instead. I would also focus on a Firewire vs. USB 2.0 interface as the Firewire is faster (I know... the specs say the USB 2.0 is faster, but actual data transfer speed is faster with FW). Or get one with both interfaces.

    I'm still looking for other accessories for my Mini. My next purchase will be an external drive!

    Hope this helps some :)
  11. gkarris macrumors 604


    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    I'm hoping that the Mini will get the SR chipset so it'll be more powerful with the new graphics and 4 Gigs max.

    Get the base $599 model, add that to a $1499 Mac subnote that you can "sync with" and you have a nice alternative to an expensive MacBook... :D
  12. Brandonnn macrumors member


    Nov 25, 2007
    Thats great job you have, it's even greater for those of us newbies to mac for some good old experience advice.

    I didn't think about the refurbish store. I am on a budget so i was going to stick with the 1.83 model. I told I wouldn't notice the difference between 2.0 and 1.83unless doing high intensive stuff. If the price is close I'd definitely wouldn't hesitate to get a 2.0. I will go with the wrieless and i'll look into the logiteck mouse cause I haven't liked the mighty mouse all that much so far at the stores.

    Any other coments on the noise/fans or watching movies on your mini kermit?
  13. bluesjam macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Hello Brandonnn

    You can go with the lower price model. It does have wireless and bluetooth.
    I have a 1.42 ghz G4 2005 mac mini model and my girlfriend regularly watches DVD on it (she can't go through the hassle of setting up the home theatre) and there is no perceptible fan noise. The movie runs very smoothly so no problems you are likely to face there. If you use handbrake to rip DVDs then of course the fan will kick in but don't worry it's only a soft hum, could be even less than that and it is certainly not disturbing nor annoying by any means. The fan noise is over glorified in these forums to discredit the machine. Just visit an Apple store and try it out even to the point of placing your ear as close as possible to the machine. I doubt it if you would by any means be perturbed by it.
    Any mouse will work fine and I use a cheap logitech mouse.
  14. kermit4161 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2006

    Yep... I second what bluesjam said! I wouldn't worry at all about the fan noise. I haven't heard mine kick in yet. The one time I heard a Mini fan, it was considerably quieter than what my G4 sounds like or my PC.
  15. MAC-newbe thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 5, 2007

    thanks for everyone's advice. I bought a referb'ed 2.0 mini last night...can't wait for it to come.
  16. Brandonnn macrumors member


    Nov 25, 2007
    congrats! Just curious how much did you ended up getting it for? Lets us know of your impressions! Enjoy!!
  17. tidytrev macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2007
    congrats, im a recent switcher with the 1.83 model and i can promise you wont be dissapointed, iv yet to have mine slow down even when im doing 5 or 6 things and switching between them and i only have the 1 gig.
    definately get an apple keyboard even if its the standard wired model, it makes things much easier when learning the os as it has all shortcuts and stuff printed on.
  18. TheNorthWaves macrumors 6502

    Oct 13, 2007
    I thought about waiting for the mini replacement to come along... the thing that really sold me on the mini is that it is established. In other words, It is still a current design that isn't severely outclassed for normal use, but it has built a reputation for being reliable. No sense in buying a "it just works" apple mac and having it freeze up and overheat like all those iMacs
  19. MAC-newbe thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 5, 2007
    I got the 2.0 for $677, which means that for the same price as the one on the store ($800.00), I'm going to get the Mini 2.0 plus the new apple wireless keyboard and mouse. They also had a deal going on by which i got a free Cannon printer worth $100.00. I don't really need a printer, but i will probably keep it since its better than the one i have now.
  20. kermit4161 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2006
    Congrats on the new mini! You'll love it. I'm still getting used the the new wireless keyboard... it is VERY small... but perfect for my end table next to the couch.
  21. ndriver182 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 26, 2007
    I went and got my 2.0ghz mini yesterday as well. I sold my Mac Pro on ebay for a pretty decent chunk of change so that's enough for my mini and for me to build a high-end windows machine for gaming also.

    I'm planning on maxing out the mini with RAM and I know it can currently address 3gb. I'm trying to figure out though if it's better to just add 3gb for ~$75 or spending about $100 for 4gb even though OSX won't see it.
  22. roystonlodge macrumors newbie

    Dec 8, 2007
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    my experience

    I have to use a cliché, but I really have to use the classic response to the question of, "which computer should I get?" The answer being, of course, "what are you going to use it for?"

    Are you doing lots of video/audio editing? Lots of gaming? Or just the basic web/email/office combo?

    My Experience:

    I have a 1.25 Ghz Mini G4, that i bought used off eBay around September of 2006 (that's about 15 months ago). I'd made the switch from Mac to PC for a couple of years because it had become too difficult trying to bring files back and forth between my PC at work and my Mac at home. I wanted to come back to Mac, but was unsure if I'd like OSX (my last Mac was a PM6500 running System 7.6.1), and I didn't want to buy a new monitor and peripherals, so I went with a used Mini. It cost me less than CAN$400.

    I'm pretty happy with it, and I have no plans to replace it any time soon, but it does get sluggish from time to time if I run too many applications at the same time.

    I use it mostly for basic home office functions. It came with MS Office installed, but NeoOffice would work just fine for me if I didn't have MSO.

    The only game I play on it is World of Warcraft, and it doesn't run very well. I have to really cut back on the graphics to get decent framerates.

    I bought a 75GB firewire hard drive off eBay to supplement the 40GB that's built-in. That was critical in order to hold all the music I have in iTunes and the photos I have in iPhoto. I also keep meaning to play around with iMovie more, but never get around to it.

    I used the cheapest USB keyboard (a Dynex for CAN$9) and mouse (again, a Dynex, CAN$9) until recently when I picked up a wireless Fellowes keyboard and mouse, also for CAN$9. I would avoid the Mighty Mouse like the plague, and I don't much like Apple's keyboards either. They haven't sold a decent mouse or keyboard since the crap that came with the first Bondi Blue iMac.

    The monitor is a 15 inch Dell I had lying around gathering dust. I keep meaning to get a better monitor, but there's always a more important expense that needs the attention of my wallet.

    The point of all this rambling on is that the computer does the job for me that I need it to do. With all the new open source software available for OSX, I've never again run into the problems I used to have about working on files from my office PC. I have always been able to find a Mac program that works, and now I've even been able to purposefully install cross-platform software on the office PC anyway.

    What Could Happen in January:

    I would be very surprised if Steve Jobs discontinued the Mini. The Mini was his third (or was it fourth?) attempt at popularizing a small-box computer (the NeXT, the G4 Cube, then the Mini. Am I forgetting a fourth?), and it seemed to finally work this time.

    I'd love to have access to Apple's sales data, but I bet their strategy of marketing the Mini to PC users who were curious about Macs but unsure about making the leap has paid off. I mean, it's why I bought my mini. The concept of having a second computer that's so small that it sits on top of my PC tower and uses the same monitor/mouse/keyboard was VERY appealing to me.

    There are only two serious gripes I have with the Mini: One is the difficulties in upgrading it. Of course this is largely unavoidable with the small-box concept, but Apple made the conscious decision to make the case so dang difficult to open that even adding more RAM is a major pain in the butt. The second is the lack of USB ports. It only has two, which you need for the mouse and the keyboard. As such, a USB hub is a required purchase even if you only want to add a printer.

    (I've never understood why Apple wouldn't include a third USB port for a printer. It would make sense if they sold an Apple-branded USB hub as a way of squeezing a few more dollars out of you, but they don't, so why bother frustrating the end user when Apple doesn't benefit financially?)

    Now, MAYBE, just MAYBE, Mini 2.0 is sort of Apple's response to the One-Computer-Per-Child $200 laptop, or the Linux-on-a-USB-key phenomenon? Maybe the Mini 2.0 is even smaller, like the size of a cigarette box (or an iPhone?) or something like that. It's already a reality in the Linux world (Examples:,,, If would seem to be a logical next move in Steve Jobs' quest to be the ultimate guru of the "next big thing".

    I mean, if you think about it, there's very few technical obstacles for a Mini 2.0/iPhone device that blends the best of both worlds. Pack a full-featured version of OSX onto an iPhone and start marketing adapters to connect all your peripherals (including a VGA monitor!) via Bluetooth. Apple still hasn't officially revealed what kind of processor is in the iPhone, AFAIK, but it's supposed to be a 700 mhz ARM processor.

    This idea probably WON'T actually happen, considering how much Apple hobbled the capabilities of the iPod Touch, which easily could have been a more-than-full-featured PDA to take on Blackberry and Palm, but came up WAY short (the Palm T/X kicks the iPod Touch's ass!). Steve Jobs really doesn't want end users to have too much control over the iPhone, and a Mini 2.0 based on the iPhone platform would unavoidably mean letting the end users at the guts of the machine.

    The Bottom Line. Wait or Buy Now?:

    1) Just how dead is your PC? Dead-dead, or just mostly-dead?

    2) What do you need the computer for? Mission-critical work assignments where you simply can't go another month without a computer? Graphics-intensive work/games where horsepower matters and another month's wait won't kill you? Or just playing around with Facebook and WoW, and a month of getting away from the computer and playing out in the fresh air would do you some good anyways? ;-)

    3) How much time are you able to devote to learning OSX? It's not difficult by any stretch of the imagination but, contrary to what the ads tell you, there IS a learning curve. Trying to get non-standard (read, not Apple-approved) peripherals to work properly can sometimes be frustrating.

    4) How much money do you have to spend? I really like used/refurbished. I haven't bought a bona fide "new" computer since 1997. I've had five used/refurbs since then, with no major complaints.
  23. kermit4161 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2006
    Well, Apple addressed one of your major gripes about the Mini... the new CD2 versions have 4 USB 2.0 ports. But RAM upgrading is still a pain in the butt :rolleyes:
  24. Brandonnn macrumors member


    Nov 25, 2007
    Well, I'am waiting for Jan. 15 to see what comes out. But i've been reading these forums and reviews for longtime re mini. I have never heard of any hardware problems or complaints from people whom have bought one with mini vs imac or other lines of apple. Theres no doubt ill buy one, perhaps as someone mentioned before its beter to buy the current reliable version of the mini ..if they should change design or upgrade. Well see...
  25. saabguy macrumors newbie

    Dec 22, 2007
    New Mac Mini Old Monitor

    I saw this thread about Mac Minis and I thought maybe someone here would have an answer to my dilemma. I have an old G5 with a great old monitor. I want to use the monitor with my new mac mini, but alas the plug isn't right. Does anyone know if there is an adapter for this? Or of anyway to make it work?


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