Mac mini 2009. Bluetooth broken. Can it be repaired?


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Sep 23, 2011

When I replaced my Mini 2009 CPU fan I broke the Bluetooth antenna. I've tried a Bluetooth USB dongle but never got it working properly, even using the Xcode tool to force Mac OS to use it instead of the built-in (and broken) one.

Do resellers repair vintage Macs?

I've heard they don't because the spare parts are no longer manufactured?



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Oct 23, 2014
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You broke both of them? Or are you confused and talking about the wifi antennae? (which is the bigger one).
Step 6 on this page shows the 3 antennae:

I really wouldn't expect to find 8 year old parts at any repair shop. Your best bet is to try to find another 2009 mini that's being sold for parts (most likely have a dead logic board or hard drive - the other internals will be fine unless the cause of failure was a massive power surge).

Once you have a replacement part, if you're uncomfortable doing the repair yourself, you could take it to a Mac repair shop and they'll do the swap for you.


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Apr 13, 2011
Mini is picky about which Bluetooth dongle you use.
I got lucky on 2nd purchase with a Belkin dongle on a 2007 Mini.
It's been a decade, but perhaps that brand will work for you, where others fail.


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Nov 6, 2008
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If you need a replacement antenna or antennas (Airport wi-fi or bluetooth), search on Ebay for Apple 076-1352 to locate the official Apple parts zip lock clear "baggie" containing one large Airport antenna and two smaller identical bluetooth antennas for the 2009 Mini.

As of this writing, Ebay has two listings selling the three-antenna set for $9 (both are "buy it now prices" with free shipping). There's also a vendor selling it for $69 -- WAY WAY too much. Sometimes you can also find someone selling only a single bluetooth antenna or two or a single Airport antenna.

Keep checking back on Ebay if nobody has this part at a cheap price -- it pops back up from time to time at varying prices, or set up the search so Ebay automatically notifies you when the part number is newly listed.

The usual Apple parts suppliers that I tried some time back did not have it in stock anymore.

I don't think it would be too hard for a do-it-yourself-er to replace any of the antennas by following the iFixit link given by Fischersd above. Just note that the leads on the antennas are easy to break off if you are not careful and patient. (I know this from personal experience in breaking a bluetooth antenna lead I was trying to reinstall during a hard drive swap on my 2009 Mini).

If you are not comfortable with doing the repair yourself, go ahead and obtain the replacement antenna kit to give to a Mac repair shop to do it for you, hopefully at a very reasonable price.

Good luck!!!
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