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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by GreatOldOne, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. GreatOldOne, Nov 8, 2018
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    I finally replaced my wheezing mid 2011 mini with a shiny new 2018 model. Just base spec, figured the speed bump between the old and new would be plenty for what it’s used for.

    Anyway, all those new thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports means that all of my external drives can now get plugged in without a hub, keyboard & mouse in the USB 3 ports and a monitor on HDMI... leaving one thunderbolt free. So, with that in mind, I purchased two identical Acer monitors (K222HQL). These have an HDMI, a DVI and a VGA port each.

    So, monitor one, HDMI to HDMI. No problems, works like a charm.
    Monitor two, not so much. I’ve tried a thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor (2 copies of the same make and model) in conjunction with a variety of HDMI cables, on both monitors. Every time I get a picture, of the correct size & resolution etc.. except it’s Pink. I’ve also tried a thunderbolt to HDMI, which I suspect is just the same sort of thing as the adaptors, just with a cable rather than female HDMI socket. Same thing.

    Bothe monitors work ok on Native HDMI from the mini. They also work fine on The DVI to DisplayPort cables that connect them to my work laptop dock (which needs to use the DVI).

    I’ve googled this, and seen other issues related to it on other thunderbolt 3 equipped macs, and mostly the advice seems to be check the cables, but they’re all solidly connected. And with all the “check it with this monitor and this cable combination” ive done, I think I can rule out issues with the monitors & cables. I’ve also attempted to reset the nv ram, but I don’t think I have successfully.

    I suppose I could have had really bad luck and got three duff parts brand new from amazon. But it seems unlikely.

    Anyway, can anyone suggest anything else?

    These are the cables I’ve purchased:

    Do I need to get myself an “official” adaptor from Apple at a price that’s almost as much as one of the monitors iteslf? Are there any settings I can look at in the display panel in system settings? Specialmonitor profiles to, prevent the pinkness?

    Thanks in advance,


    [edit to add pics]
    5F3262AF-112C-4317-A838-3F816B8FB4DB.jpeg 8ADD728D-80FB-4915-93D8-CA68592C06D8.jpeg 90018DED-97D4-40A7-826F-BA84A4E03052.jpeg 451D3405-8913-4773-A712-50205773DE8C.jpeg
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    I think it could be the TB cables. I was using one I bought fro Amazon with my new monitor and it was causing problems and not operating as smooth as it should and messed the mouse up too. I tried the Apple TB cable and all was fixed. The Amazon cable said it was TB verified so?
  3. GreatOldOne thread starter macrumors member

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    Thanks. Yes, all the cables I’ve bought so far have been from Amazon and claim to be thunderbolt 3 compliant / usb 3.1. The adapters have already had a return started. Looks like the other cable will be joining them.

    I’ll look into the RGB issue as well.

    Puzzling that the monitor doesn’t show up on the device tree though. It shows my ancient usb to serial converter I use on my UPS. Why not the monitor? :rolleyes::)
  4. Coyote2006 macrumors regular

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    I never save money on cheap high-end cables or adapters. I always buy them from apple. These few $ more are worth to prevent all of the problems that might/will occur. Just my experience ...
  5. G4DPII macrumors regular


    Jun 8, 2015
    The pink screen is nothing to do with Cables. It's a known flaw in the OS. has been present for years. Had it on my 2014 mini from day 1.

    Apple just can't be arsed to sort it out. Like so many of the niggles that are present.
  6. Coyote2006 macrumors regular

    Apr 16, 2006
    So it's not possible to connect two non Thunderbolt 3 monitors to an Mac Mini due to OS problems that are 4 years old?
  7. GreatOldOne thread starter macrumors member

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