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    Brandon Geekabit has posted an excellent Youtube video showing teardown of the 2018 Mac Mini . Flash storage is soldered and looks like there is no other ports / connectors to internally attach any sata 2.5 SSD or HDDs

    Sadly you have to carefully remove logic board from Mac Mini housing / chassis to replace RAM, so RAM is definitely not supposed to be upgraded / replaced by owner, attempts by users to upgrade RAM will most likely void warranty.

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    This has already been posted. Upgrading ram seems pretty easy, I wouldn’t bother upgrading ram if it’s anything less than 32gb imo.
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    I was hoping to see full tear down by iFixit when I saw title, but...same video again.
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    Is there a reason to start a new thread every time a video is posted? These are already being posted in an established thread where information on RAM replacement is being pooled.

    Just asking.

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