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    Jan 28, 2004
    Hey guys,
    i was wondering if the Mac Mini will be able to fully support all the eye candy in Tiger. Because i am looking to buy a Mac Mini to fool around in GB, iDVD and iMovie. However i am a whore for things that look cool and would be dissapointed if my Mac mini wouldnt be able to show me some of the really cool effects that tiger has in store... so could you guys fill me in on what the story is so that i can make a decision on what Mac i want
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    The graphics in the Mac Mini would be the equivalent of an iBook at this point. There will be something that will not be possible with Tiger but it will work well overall. If you search around a bit on this topic I believe there are some very pointed responses to this question. In the end no one really has "the" answer because Tiger has not been officially released along with the Mac Mini. Who knows what Apple has up its sleeve? Will it update its line of products to conform with the core imaging requirements of Tiger? These questions will be answered by Apple in due time. Meanwhile ... stay tuned to a slew of responses ranging from pure speculation to those who have a version of Tiger now who have the ability to test it on the existing Mac Mini platform. Keep in mind, however, that until it is officially released nobody really knows.
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    A while back Apple stated that to take full advantage of the new Core Video technology in Tiger you would need (on the ATI side) a Radeon 9600 or better, which would mean that the Mini is not fully supported. However, some time ago Apple removed those requirements from the web site so nobody currently knows exactly to what extent the Mini's Radeon 9200 will be supported.

    FWIW, my brother has a 1.42GHz Mini with 512MB RAM and it has absolutely no problems with Garage Band. Apple is aware of the mini's success and I am sure they are doing everything they can to ensure that the iLife Apps run well on a Mini running Tiger. Buy with confidence.
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    Simply put - no one knows. We'll have to wait until either Tiger is released or Apple makes an official announcement. Idle speculation will get us no where.
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