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    Mar 21, 2003
    Hello All!

    I was wondering, has anybody out there had used a Mac Mini soley as a web and ftp server?

    I only use laptops and I wanted to get a machine that I could host my (and my friend's) websites on and use as a method to distribute pictures, videos, etc to friends an family.

    I wanted something small that I could just put out of the way somewhere and not really have to worry about it (this is why I want a mini and not a cheap pc with linux).

    If this is doable, should I go with the 1.25 or the 1.42?

    Also, I do not want to hook up a monitor to this machine. How does VNC work on Mac Minis?

    Thanks for the input.

  2. jaymenna78734 macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2005
    Yes we got over 100 of them.

    We have over 100 minis running as servers at They are all being managed remotely by their respective owners. (The owners are from all over the world, Japan, South Africa, UK, USA....) Most of them are web, ftp, mail servers. Others run as backup servers or whatever else their owners have thought to run on them.

    Some guys choose to us VNC, while otherwise are using Timbuktu to control their minis. All of them are running without monitors. We have been remote controlling macs (from 233 mhz imacs to dual g5 xserves) for five years now with timbuktu, without issue.

    To date the only issue we have had is a bit of fuzziness with the Automatic setting on Ethernet. Some of the units just keep dropping to 10/single duplex. (Make sure you set it to 100/Full Duplex manually and the problem becomes a non issue)

    We have had a few pleasant surprises.

    1) They are snappy little servers. We have a full load testing report at:

    2) Without a monitor and with the CD spinning they draw less than a quarter of a watt of power, which is pretty unbelivable.

    3) The darn things run dang cool. about 76 degrees even though they are packed together. The power bricks run a bit mid 90s but are not hot to the touch.

    Jay Menna

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