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Jul 28, 2008
Fleet, UK
Hi all
Ive got the 2014 mid range Mac Mini (8GB RAM -model), and an LG Smart TV.
Im wondering if i can use the Mini as the hub for all my iTune downloads and hook it to the tv to play content?

I can see the desktop if i go to the right channel, but can never see anything playing


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Oct 25, 2008
The answer is yes it can be done. I am unsure about why you have to switch channels. Your TV should have more than one HDMI input. Make sure to connect via HDMI and select on your TV that input. Things that can be problematic for some TV is setting the Mac to the right resolution or having your TV convert to 1080.

Some of us connect a Mini to a TV and use other software options for playback of non-iTunes movies (files not from iTunes) with great success. You may want to look at Kodi (XBMC) and Plex.

If you are going through an AVR (receiver) first then to TV you might find that your Mini selects the wrong resolution and best to test first with HDMI directly to the TV and perhaps optical out of the TV to your AVR as a work around.

I am sure others will possibly chime in here with their knowledge on this topic sooner or later.
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