mac mini audio: usb and toslink..same time??

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mxracer700, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Hey guys, setting up new 2009 Macmini HTPC.

    The main question I need answered is this: Will the mini give me sound from both the usb and the toslink at the same time?

    For those that are wondering what my setup is, it's like this:

    Part A: HT
    Mini connected via mini DVI to HDMI running into Yamaha HT Amp running a plasma and a projector (use one or the other depending on room light)

    Obviously I want the best audio running to the amp from the MacMini so I want to buy a mini toslink to toslink.

    Part B: Office computer
    I want to throw a 20 something inch lcd on my desk (25' cable run away) and also connect that to my mini so I have a comfortable chair / desktop setup for ripping / using the internet and so forth. (BT keyboard and mouse)
    (Audio to the office can be just 2 channel.)

    The video side is no issue, can use an MDPort to HDMI to get me there. The audio is the trick. I can buy an lcd with speakers which would be fine or I have a computer speaker and sub combo that uses a male 1/8 mini stereo plug.

    My idea: use that mono price MDPort adapter w USB audio and send the whole enchilada down the HDMI to the lcd.

    So this is why I need to know if the Macmini will give me audio simultaneously from the toslink and the usb. The main goal is to be able to turn either of the 2 monitors or projector on and enjoy without having to mess with any settings. I'm all there except the for audio to the office monitor.

    If anyone knows if this will work ..great and if you have any other ideas please throw them at me. Whatever solution requires me buying a bunch of cables online so I want to be sure it's going to work.

    Thanks guys!!
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