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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Gunga Din, Jan 7, 2008.

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    First off, can the new C2D run most of the iLife stuff well? I would like to use it for photos, music, maybe making some home videos etc. Basic stuff but I don't want to be too underpowered when using Leopard and Apple software.

    I was looking at the Mac Pro and the Notebook Pro. I afford both but at home I already have a PC and can easily hook up the Mac Pro or Mac Mini to the existing setup. (Using the same 21" Sony CRT monitor and AV Receiver/Speaker System) I can switch between the 2 computers with the press of one button.

    I'm trying to get into using Mac and its OS so i'm a newb at this. Do you think the Mac Mini is a good option or should i just go all out for the Mac Pro. I'm gonna wait to hear news from MWSF first of course. But how well does the Mac Mini run? (Adding in more ram etc).

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    I think you'll be happy with the Mini

    Hello Mr Din, or can I call you Gunga?

    I think you will be happy with the Mini. I know I am. I use iLife on my Mini happily, though I don't do movie things with it. Where I get bogged down badly is when I am using Gimp (a photo editing application) on files of 200 to 400 Mb. I think more Ram would fix this, I hope.

    I am using the Mini as a transitional Mac while figuring out which MacPro I want for my needs. I had all the monitor, keyboard, etc like you do. I'm in no rush, the Mini does me well enough - though I will be looking to pick up a deal after Jan 15.

    There is whole thread about the Mini here
    To summarize this long discussion, someone mentioned that Apple may be phasing out the Mini (a common rumour), and then a lot of people weighed in on the merits or problems of the Mini. People who don't have Mini's tend (the thread above) don't understand why anyone would get the Mini (too underpowered) and people who have a Mini are very happy with them.

    It is an interesting read, and very informative. I would recommend reading it, but I think you are a prime candidate for a Mini. My advice is to bump the Ram up (through 3rd party retailers).

    Good Luck
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    Thank you for the excellent response. I'll wait till MWSF and take it from there. I'd consider the Mac Pro if its upgraded and remains in my price range. If not, from your post I have confidence in the Mac Mini suiting my needs for now.

    P.S. Call me GD :)

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