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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by glennsan, Feb 13, 2011.

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    I am wanting to get a Mac Mini for a Home Media Center and replace my laptop which I use now. My question is since I rip my dvd's using Handbrake is it as loud doing that as it is on my MacBook Pro? I think they have the same slim dvd and i since I rip them frequently I am wondering if I will have to do it overnight when I am not watching the tv. Thanks.

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    yes they are loud , i dont know why , but it seems all slim slot load optical drives apple is using sound like a cement mixer ,dont ask me why i prefer even on my iMac core duo to use a external liteon dvdrw drive to play a dvd ...because with the internal i would need to wear ear protection , its working fine reading writing , just loud, the ones in my eMac's (they have standard desktop opticals 5.25" ) are far more quiet and i use them to rip my dvd collection
    when i helped a mate reinstalling on his iMac 27" i thought apple had fitted a jet engine in it..but apple store said its working and the noise is nothing but normal..
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    Handbrake is CPU intensive as well as spinning the DVD drive. The mini has a quieter fan than the MBP so it should be quieter for that reason.

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