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    May 28, 2013
    Hey all, I'm really into my videogaming. Recently I've been playing on a friends monitor and the lag time is almost astounding for me on HDTV's, especially on rhythm games, I noticed it mainly when I started playing Rock Band through monitor instead of HDTV.

    Anyway I was thinking of getting a new monitor, then I found out about the Mini-DVI to HDMI adapter to plug my xbox into the Mac's thunderbolt(?) port, maybe it's nitpicky, but will I get much lag from the Mac monitor? Google doesn't seem to find me any answers so thought I'd ask here, I know I'll be limiting myself to 720p but for me that's fine.


    EDIT: Mini DisplayPort thing not Mini-DVI

    Also if it helps, audio's not an issue because I have a turtle beach headset which plugs directly into the Xbox
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    May 27, 2008
    if you'll notice, you said mini displayport to HDMI.
    which means it takes something that outputs signal on a mini displayport and converts it to HDMI, not the otherway around.

    you'll need to go directly into your monitor, and not through the mac to get the signal off of your xbox.
    pretty much any way to go through the computer will induce lag.
    if you have an iMac (you don't say), you should look at this article.
    the links in the article are not working, but if you google "hdmi to mini displayport" (include the quotes) you'll come up with some results.
    and from this page at apple and a few comments on amazon, if your imac is newer than a mid-2010 model, it will not work, as it needs thunderbolt in not miniDP

    I don't own a gaming system, or rockband, but from the times that i've played at a friends house, i'm pretty sure it has a settings where you can adjust the display and audio sync

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