Mac mini G4: HD playback?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by maehara, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Have a Mac mini G4 - 1.42GHz model with 1GB RAM, which I have hooked up to an HDTV via a VGA connection. Plays almost anything I can throw at it with no problem, but I subscribe to a few video podcasts in 720p HD format, and playing them back tends to suffer from skipping on the video.

    Anyone had any luck playing back HD video on this model of Mac, or is the G4 simply not up to it?
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    You might have better luck in VLC but get a new mini for HD video.
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    There are other variables such as bitrate, compression scheme (H.264 vs. MPEG), etc.

    Apple's 720p HD Vids are in H.264, so you will need a minimum of a Dual Core Intel machine.

    Here's the QuickTime requirements:

    Actually, processor specs are kinda looser now with GPU's taking over much of the decoding.

    I just got a cheapo Acer laptop I'm on now that, even with the whimpy 1.6GHz Celeron Duo, the x4500M chipset has no problem with Apple's 720p HD video... :)

    Same with the AppleTV, it has only a Pentium M, but the nVidia Graphics Chip does all the HD decoding.

    As far as the Mini, you'll need an Intel Core Duo minimum...

    There'll be great deals next week on slightly older Intel Minis... ;)
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    A G4 does not have the power to play HD video.

    Your MBP will be able to play 1080p video.

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