Mac mini Keyboard+Mouse Options


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Apr 1, 2005
Murfreesboro, TN
The BTO Keyboard+Mouse options on Mac mini include
Apple Keyboard + Mighty Mouse
Apple Keyboard + Bluetooth Mouse

I checked the iMac and it still says it comes with a standard mention of Mighty Mouse. Will this change when they run out of stock of the standard pro mouse. Is apple going to eliminate the pro mouse altogether?!

I don't understand why they took off the standard Pro Mouse as an option. This whole not having a bluetooth Mighty is pretty funked up. I can get a cool new Mighty Mouse but when I upgrade to the Bluetooth mouse I lose all the cool 'new' features.

mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
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But back on topic, we've still got the standard Pro Mouse as an option on our minis in Australia. I hope they don't eliminate it because I don't think the Mighty Mouse is everybody's cup of tea.

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