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    Hi everyone

    (if this is in wrong category pls move it)

    I'm about to start a new project :)

    but i dont know if its possible the way i think.
    i have attached a image to this thread to describe how i would like to do it.

    Im about to get 4 MacMini's and would like those to bee loadbalancing for OD, file, and so on to a little branch office.
    on those 4 MM's i would like to have like 8 virtual mac osx server running with diffrent roles.

    the loadbalancing part comes then (not that i hope so) a MM breaks and then the other 3MM take over the load from the virtual servers. until the forth is replaced.

    i hope you get my idea.... :)

    :apple:-rules :D

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    Hmm. Not an expert, but in my book this is not called load balancing, rather it is known as migration or fail-over. It is a function available in the virtual machine operating system. One example of where to read about this is here:

    Typically I would expect the cluster of servers to share common disk storage in a SAN or similar. If one server stops, then all data is accessible from the other servers.

    I am not sure this would be either easy or inexpensive to do on a farm of mac servers.


    PS: in my book, load balancing is typically when several servers run the same applications, ie several servers runnig web servers to same site. An external "load-balancer" then sends the request to the at the moment least loaded webserver, in effect balancing the load between the different servers.
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    Mar 27, 2005
    If you're using Open Directory you will simply make one master and the rest replicas.
  4. alexrmc92, Aug 20, 2013
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    Load balancing is impossible on OS X server for pretty much everything. OD can do failover by creating replica servers, which is fairly easy to do.

    However it can be done in linux

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