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    Dec 30, 2002
    Okay I'm planning to buy a Mac mini to replace my old G3 iMac and so i can get a KVM switch and only have one monitor between my Mac and Linux box. At the Apple store, they want $325 to upgrade to 1GB of RAM, but I found a 1GB stick of RAM right here. What's the deal with that? Will the very much cheaper RAM work in the mini? There's not any thing special about it is there? I don't see the mini on Apple's memory recommendation page, isn't it regular 184 pin DDR333 memory? I want to get the most out of my mini, and if I can get 1GB of memory for just a little more that the 512MB upgrade, that's be great.
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    Mar 13, 2004
    Yes, that RAM will work fine. If you feel comfortable opening up the mini (which, from what I've seen, isn't incredibly difficult) and installing the RAM, I'd probably recommend that. I'm not sure, however, about the quality of Rosewill RAM so it might not be reliable. Hopefully someone on the board has used it before and can give a positive review on it.
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    Let's be accurate: The Rosewill RAM has the correct initial specifications for the Mini. But because you cannot tell compatibility from just the PC2700 specification, we don't know whether it will actually work or not (the organization of the chips and the SPD settings of the module are critical and this is not part of the specification). NewEgg does not state that it is Mac compatible.

    I recommend that you stick with a seller that has tested and guarantees that their RAM is compatible in a Mini.
    Other members have their favorites, my favorite inthe USA is


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