Mac Mini mods?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by slipper, Nov 25, 2005.

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    Nov 19, 2003
    ok so i searched high and low, macrumors and google and i cant find what im looking for. Just curious what type of mods have been done to the mac minis. Im not talking about a simple RAM swap but things like case mods, 3.5 hd swaps, etc.

    I found good info about the 3.5 HD swap but just curious do i need an external HD case? or can i buy some sort of power adapter where i can just connect to the HD itself without a case so it can just hang loose in the open next to the mac mini.

    *edit* i found the power adapter here but just curious about any cool case mods or over clocking mods or anything for the first gen 1.42 mini.
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    Apr 27, 2005
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    Nov 19, 2003
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