Mac Mini on a Non-Apple Display?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by pcs are junk, Nov 22, 2009.

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Hi guys, my friend's laptop just broke completely beyond repair (trust me this cannot be fixed without sending it out to hp, who wont fix it either). But any way, his mom and him have come to the conclusion that they are done with PC's, and are making the smart move, and going to Mac. Now, they cant afford an iMac, or a Macbook, so I suggested a Mac Mini. They only have a Samsung monitor for their HP, but I just want to know if a Mac Mini can connect to a Non-Apple Display. Yes I know they need adapters which I will help pick out for them when they go to buy it. I think I have heard it can connect to Non-Apple Displays, but I'm not 100% sure. So if somebody could please tell me if it can or not, that would be well appreciated. Sorry if this might sound like a stupid question, but I'm more familiar which iMacs and Macbooks, I just don't want to make them waste 600 bucks on something they cant even use. Thanks in advance!
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    The Mac Mini can be connected to any display with the appropriate adapters. It's a computer like any other.
    mini Display Port to VGA/DVI will work.
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    Yes it can, and so can every other current Apple computer as far as I know. I couldn't imagine the fuss that would be kicked up here if Apple computers were locked into Apple displays.

    Any DVI monitor should do, I wouldn't bother with anything VGA, and the adaptor would be the £20 Mini displayport -> DVI adaptor. Using that I've hooked my MacBook Pro up to anything from my 24" monitor to various televisions and projectors. The same applies to the mini.

    I'm shocked the mini doesn't come bundled with the necessary adaptor, as most people in that sort of market are not going to be dropping £600 on the 24" LED cinema display.
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    Jul 7, 2008
    If that Samsung has a DVI connector, then you probably don't need a separate adapter because the Mini comes with a mini DVI to DVI adapter. Should you need a mini DVI to VGA adapter, Monoprice has the best pricing I've seen. Many of us buy adapters and cables from Monoprice. Just visit their website and search for the adapter you need.
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    This is quite correct it does. My 2009 mini is conected to an older HP LCD which surprisingly enough has both VGA and DVI.

    Just a note about DVI though...

    The Mini DVI Adapter provided is DVI-D not DVI-I

    DVI-D is missing 4 pins around the flat pin. (the analogue bit) I only discovered this as I proudly bought a DVI-I cable for the first use of my mini without realising a difference.. It was a sad 24hrs I had to wait before I could go back to the shop to get a DVI-D and switch my mini on for the first time

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    i was going to do my initial setup for my mini on a vga monitor but my dvi to vga connector is not compatible to the mini mini dvi to dvi adapter my vga adapter has the flat prong and 4 small round prongs around that. the minis adapter has a spot just for the flat prong in the minis adapter

    ps sorry for the spelling typeing on a small keyboard

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