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    Nov 30, 2012
    I know it's easy to advise someone to max out their Mac Mini or iMac, but to be honest, anytime I've done this with a Mac (Mac Pro, MBP, etc), it's never felt fast to me. And I've always ended up regretting what felt like a waste of money and zero gain in performance.

    I'm back and forth on either getting a new Mac Mini or a new 27" iMac. Using it for both general purpose stuff like email, Office, watching movies but also Lightroom and Aperture work.

    My thinking with Mac Mini is if I bump to the i7, is it really gonna matter between the the choices in processor speed? Do I really need 16gb of RAM? Will I truly benefit from a Fusion drive once I pop a 200GB iTunes library and a photo folder of 155GB - especially on a 5400RPM drive?

    Plus it leaves me to get a monitor. I hate the thought of getting a Mac Thunderbolt Display now and maybe in a few months comes the replacement version seen on the new iMacs.

    The benefit I see with the mini is when I'm over and done with it, I'll just incorporate it into my home stereo gear as a stand alone music server.

    With the iMac 27", it's also a question of which processor really matters and how much ram and fusion or not. But I'm worried about the wait for delivery plus read a lot about iMacs not lasting very long before repairs are needed.

    I'm in need of help.
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    May 10, 2010
    I'm also not sure if I would buy again an iMac 27". They looks nice but i also like to enhance after some times memory, disk etc. not soo easy an an iMac. Mac mini allows more flexible selection of screens; as you said in a worst case hook it up to you regular TV. And if you want to enhance or replace it easier done.

    The biggest downside of the Mini might be the less powerful graphic options. But if you are not daily converting videos and images you will be fine.

    Oh, and on earthquakes like yesterday the iMac is quite physically instable ; a flat mini is more safe (half joke, but also half truth) :eek:
  3. righteye, Dec 8, 2012
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    If you buy a mini at least you can get yourself a monitor designed for graphics use such as Eizo/Nec, depending on how much of that sort of work you do.
    RAM get as much as you can (not from Apple though) best bang for buck in computer performance.
    If you can't tell the difference in performance between an SSD and a 5400HD, 4 GB RAM vs 16GB plus you can't be pushing your mac at all. There is lots of data that proves the benefits of these changes especially if you are running several programs at once and/or processing large photos with many layers in photoshop or other programs of this nature.
    My Fathers old white iMac is due for replacement and iam finding it hard as to which mac to recommend, especially as as iam not keen on the fusion idea.

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