Mac Mini output to Composite or S-video??

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by smueboy, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I've been planning to purchase a Mac Mini to use it as a HTPC, and i'm all set to spend the cash, but i currently have an old tv with only composite video or S-video inputs. At the moment i have a DVI to S-video adapter working from my MBP which works well. However, i see that the mini-DVI and Mini display port outputs on the new Mac Mini only output digital signals...

    So, how can i plug my mac mini into my S-video or composite video inputs?? The adapters sold by Apple (mini-DVI to S-video/composite) don't work and i don't know of any other solution!!

    Any solutions or suggestions would be great.
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    I'm not doubting you, but do you know for a fact that the Apple mini-DVI to Video Adapter won't work? I'm not sure why it wouldn't.

    If that doesn't work, Apple sells a DVI-Video adapter that could plug into the included miniDVI-DVI adapter.

    Otherwise, you're probably looking at some sort of DVI-analog video converter which sounds $$$ to me.


    EDIT - scratch that second suggestion. I'm thinking that the miniDVI-DVI adapter provides a DVI-D connection, not a DVI-A or DVI-I connection which is what would be required.
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    This is the same situation with the White Macbook with NVIDIA Chip. You can go mini-DVI to VGA. Maybe you can find a VGA to S-Video Adapter? I think VGA to Component exists, not sure about VGA to S-Video though?
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    As i understand it, the output from the mini-DVI ports on the new Macbooks and Mac mini only output DVD-D. Thus the mini-DVI to video adapter will not work at all since the only signal being sent out is digital. I also assume (though i do not know) that the signal from the mini display port is also only digital, and thus won't be easy to convert to analogue S-video or component?

    Thats not bad idea. I looked at VGA to S-video adapters, but they don't work unless the signal coming out is analogue. Maybe this would work:

    But i have no idea what is best. :confused: It is frustrating that Apple no longer seems to be supporting the ability to hook up their hardware to 'normal' tv's. I wish i had an HDTV, but one thing at a time is all i can afford.
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    Unfortunately there is not a good solution. Composite and S-video are going to be 640x480 resolution. The above post has a link to a scan converter that will work. It probably won't look the best. Scan converters tend to look "blurry."
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    Apr 4, 2009
    Just got a 2009 Mini

    I got a Mini display port to VGA adapter and a Mini DVI to svideo/composite.

    The VGA worked fine. The Mini DVI to svideo did not work with my TV.

    I will be returning the adapter to the store (with some feedback) and have ordered a VGA to svideo converter from monoprice. I'll put feedback here when it comes in.

    Many of us do not have the newer TVs and want to get a few more years out. I have Series 2 TiVo with component output. I record at the highest compression & get artifacts. I might even be using the RF input to one of my TVs.

    Frankly, I don't care about getting the high quality on my TV. When I get a new TV, it will be 720p which will be more then enough quality.

    I think Apple is a bit ahead of the curve here, just like when they eliminated floppies and did USB in the past. I wish they had kept the analog in the mini DVI and I wonder why they dropped it. I can't imagine they saved much on costs.
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    It is my understanding that the 9400M chipset supports DVI-D only. I have not tested this, but if this IS the case VGA _MAY_ not work without an active converter. There are 3 DVI standards:

    DVI-D = Digital signals only
    DVI-A = Analog signals over a DVI port (basically normal VGA over DVI)
    DVI-I = Combination of DVI-D and DVI-A

    With the D-15 connector there are some things that will absolutely not work with DVI-D. One of those being RGB which is what most of your TV and Projectors use that have a D-15 connector. Computer monitors however use other signals not the RGB from the D-15 and should work just fine with either a mini-dvi to VGA cable or a passive DVI to VGA adapter like most video cards come with.

    I do not currently know if this is a limitation of the chipset or the way it's wired into the Mini. It's worth looking into what output is available over the display port adapter. If I get a chance I will pull the mini over to the O-scope and see what I get on the pins on it.

    Incidentally I did some testing with a Dynex mini dvi to s-video cable and there is _A_ signal but it looks like a digital signal. I'm returning the adapter but I need to look up the pinout variation on DVI-D and DVI-A as I don't think there should be anything there so maybe Apple or Nvidia has something hidden there.
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    Analog video does not work with Mac Mini 2 Ghz MB464LL/S

    Apple sold me the mini-DVI to S-video/RCA adapter, replaced it then finally I got in touch with someone at Apple who told me it would not work. No analog video out on mac mini. No cable adapter possible.
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    So Bottom line!

    So bottom line is, with the recent purchase of my mini-DVI-to-Video Adapter will not work connecting my Macbook to my analog tv using composite (RCA) cables....? Does that sound right? If so, I need to return the Adapter and get my money back. If this is correct that is a bunch Bull SH*T! just another reason why PC is the way to go! EFF YOU APPLE.
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    Which MacBook? The old ones no, the new ones yes.

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