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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by esvee, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I'm doing some hackery on a bunch of mac minis, namely looking to create an exterior power button. (the mini will be inside a case and we need to be able to turn it on from the outside)

    A plunger button to line up with the button on the outside of the mac mini case would just be creating another failure point, so I cracked one open and the power switch is using one of the small black two pin plugs that are used in a handful of other place on the board.

    So the current idea is to run a wire through the vent port to that plug on the logic board, which means I can do all of what I need to without necessarily making it apparent that I poked around heavily inside the mini.

    Problem is that I need that little black plug to make this work and mac mini parts seem to be a no-show in all of my searching. I can get any miniscule piece of anything for an iphone, but it seems the most I can get for a 2010 mini is the cooling fan and the usual upgrade memory type components.

    TL;DR: Anyone know where I can buy the little two-pin black plugs inside of a 2010 mini that connect the speaker or power button / or a cheap component that I could hack it off of?

    It looks like the hard drive thermal sensor and the speaker are the only two components in this generation that use that plug.

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    why not leave the connector, and cut/splice the wires to the new switch?

    free is better than buying more plastic connectors...

    EDIT: didn't see the 'without leaving traces' bit. how about a couple small wire taps. they poke thru the insulation on the two wires and provide connection to the new switch, but could be removed and leave little/no trace of intrusion. best of luck.
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    If you needed to buy parts, this place isn't too bad. Although free is nice if you got spare things lying around.

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