Mac mini price difference?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by boston04and07, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Forgive me if this has been discussed before - I just noticed this while I was in the process of buying a mini on Apple's site, and didn't find any other mention of this in a quick forum search. But, I was configuring the $799 Mac mini model with 2.53 GHz processor, as well as a 500 gb hard drive, and noticed that the $599 model, when expanded to have the exact same specs, costs more than the upgraded $799 model.

    I'm in the education store as I work at a school, so I already had $50 knocked off the price to begin with. That being said, the $599 model, when you add the 2.53 GHz processor, 500 gb hard drive, and 4 gb of RAM (to match the $799 model) ends up being $954. However, the $799 model, which comes with the 2.53 GHz processor, 4 gb of RAM, and when upgraded to the 500 gb hard drive, ends up costing $839. I mean...aren't they now identical computers? Or is there something else I'm missing?? So confused... :confused:
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    Don't get too caught up in the pricing difference. It happens all the time when you start doing BTO. For example, take the base 27" iMac (3.06) and upgrade the processor to 3.33Ghz and the graphics card to the 4850 and look at the price. It costs MORE than the base quad core, even though it is a slower computer than the quad core.
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    The reason its more expensive is the time it takes, for yours a man has to make a specific one, whereas the higher model has all its oarts in and the man only needs to put 1 new component in, but you can get iMacs for the prices youe thinking, 3.06 4gb ram 500gb HDD 21.5", get an imac you'll love it, everyome does[​IMG]

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