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George Dawes

Original poster
Jul 17, 2014
I've just bought the latest 2015 mac mini ( 3 ghz i7 / 16gb / 2tb FD ) and was wondering what projector people would recommend for it ?

I'd like it to be 1080p output and preferably under £1,000

It will be used for web and computer work , maybe a little home theatre , BUT computer output quality is more important than all that black level a/v stuff :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you


macrumors 68040
Look @ under 1080P projector but keep eye out for no name projectors .. in my experience those types are throw-away n replace with a Name Brand ... Lumens = brightness .. Bulb life hours should be around 3K or so ... Once the Bulb goes out thats the only part that should be replaced..... Bulbs are expensive part of the unit ....
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