Mac mini Server not connecting or is unstable

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    Recently, I have been experiencing troubles with my macmini4,1 Snow Leopard server and I am not too sure what to do. The server used to have a stable connection, but it does not anymore. I am running it in headless mode and I usually access in remotely via Logmein or SSH. Mostly, it is the latter. I am running a Virtual machine server on it, because the native version of Apache no longer works. The last thing I did kind of makes it obviously the most likely. I was having troubles with my new printer that was AirPrint-compatible and found out, through outside tips that it was the router. To fix that, I got a new router, an ASUS RT-N53, and things mostly worked, but my server has kept losing connection after at most a few hours ever since (which means I cannot access it through either SSH or Logmein). The router's firmware is up-to-date and all other nodes on the network seem to have stable connections (iPad, iPhone, MBP, iMac, Apple TV, etc.). In order to try to remedy this by turning off IPv6 on my Mac Mini, which it lasted more than two hours before losing connection. I rebooted the router once and the Mac mini many times, which until now got it reconnected to the network. Now, right now, my obvious suspicion is the router, as that recently replaced the old one that did not support AirPrint, but I paid close to $100 for it, so I do not really want to replace it, if that can be avoided. The second point that would be a point to focus on is the mac mini. Any suggestion on what to do or where else to look?

    Update: I decided to try the other connection I set up, in order to avoid Airprint problems, which was an SSID for the 5 GHz channel. Unlike my old router setup, which used WEP, the new router used a different scheme, so hopefully this fixes things a bit, but I would still like some help, in case the problem still occurs.
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    Apparently, all I needed was to update the OS, which I luckily got completed today. I was only been stable for a little over six hours and is still going.

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