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    Oct 28, 2011
    I have a older Mac Mini 2006 (Solo core) with OS X Snow Leopard server installed.

    I previously had it set up as a time machine back up, but after issues with internet in that house retired it. Now I have moved house I'm looking at what I could use it for.

    Currently my setup is as follows:
    - iMac (Yosemite) stores all files, media everything. Which is accessible from my Macbook Pro (Yosemite) over the network and my Apple TV in the living room. Not all my media is in the correct format for the Apple TV but as I've watched it I have slowly been converting it using HandBrake before watching it (it would take hours/days possibly a week to convert everything at once).

    - My iMac backs itself up via time machine to a HDD connected via USB. With all media install the 1TB iMac has about 220GB of storage remaining. My MacBook is the same but to a HDD I intermittently connected up. All iOS devices in the home back up to iCloud and regularly accessed files are stored via dropbox.

    I'm looking at trying to merge all my content and possibly set up the Mac Mini as a NAS server for all the media currently stored on my iMac, speaking to a friend I have been recommended the beamer app for the Apple TV which works great for conversion on the fly but with the Mac Mini being older probably wouldn't handle this conversion, requiring me to leave all the files on the iMac. I also haven't yet checked if there are any compatibility issues with using the Mac Mini and the Apple TV (Gen 3).

    The one thing that appeals to me about having the Apple TV able to access content is not having to go setup a computer if I decide to watch something as they are at opposite sides of the home. I would also like to look at accessing the Mac Mini remotely when I'm not at home to get to my content (screen sharing).

    Just wanting some advice or tips on the way I could set this up? Suggestions on better way or links to websites & videos would be appreciate. :)
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    Oct 26, 2009
    I just switched from a 2009 mini with snow leopard server (bought back then) to a 2012 mini running Yosemite + Using it as a home server with many functions. Looking at your intended use:
    The old Core solo probably doesn't have enough umph (a technical term) to do the transcoding on the fly. The 2009 is a dual core which certainly helps a lot here. I don't use an Apple TV but run Plex server on the mini and have Mac, Roku, and Samsung "Smart TV" clients.
    You can do all your TimeMachine backups to the server.
    If you set up VPN, you not only get screen sharing access to the server (useful also for local support, running the mini headless) but can access the mini using Finder (Go-->Connect to Server) and also have the ability to use your home for secure web access when at a public location.

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