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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jjk454ss, Apr 7, 2012.

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    OK, I posted a little about this at one time, but I think I have more/better info now. I have a Mac Mini that is doing 2 strange things that seem to be related to the monitor going to sleep.

    First, when I open System Preferences and go into Energy Saver, I set the Computer and Display to the same time to sleep, say 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the display turns off and a message from the HP Monitor says "Display going to sleep" then goes black. Then almost immediately the same message comes back saying "Display going to sleep" the it goes black again, then just keeps doing this over and over.

    Now if I hit the power button once to put the computer itself into sleep mode, the display goes off like it should and everything is fine.

    I tried hooking the display(HP 2311x) up with HDMI and with a Minidisplayport to DVI adapter and DVI Cable, but I get the same results either way.

    I also turned off "Wake with Bluetooth" after reading about someone having an issue with a mouse that kept waking there computer, but that didn't change anything. Also though, if I let the mac and the display both go to sleep on there own, the the bt trackpad will still turn it on, making me think the mac is not actually sleeping. If I hit the power button to put the mac to sleep, then the bt trackpad won't wake it up.

    The monitor goes to sleep when hooked up to a different PC with no problems.

    The second issue is that sometimes when you wake things up, the display has a pink hue to it, you have to put the mac to sleep and wake it up and the pink hue is gone. It never does this if you force it to sleep from the Apple menu or by using the power button, only when you let it go to sleep on its own.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just can't figure this out, and if its a problem with the Mac, I have to exchange it by Monday under the return policy. I would just go ahead and do this, but I got a 10% discount and would have to buy the new one at full price. If its a problem with the Mac I have no issue with that, I just hate to spend $60 extra and still have the same problem.

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