Mac mini, startup chime repeats, keeps restarting.


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Sep 18, 2018
Hey dear people,

I have this Mac mini late 2012, it was working fine, till I decide to upgrade the SSD and Ram. I have to say I did upgrade a lot so this wasn't first time doing it. So basically I upgraded the ssd and the ram, plug the bootable USB with high Sierra, press the option key, the apple logo shows on the monitor and also the bootable usb with Sierra installing, I clicked and I was about to wait to show me the disk utility so I can format ssd and than install, I did that and everything was going fine till one moment the apple logo shows up and the loading bar was stuck, I waited for 10min I saw the bar wasn't moving at all, I figured out something was going wrong. So I decide to repeat the process, turned off the Mac tried to turn on, and kaboom, this happened as you can see on the video below. Mac mini keeps restarting and the monitor is blank black, and you can hear the startup chime going and going.

I tried everything I know and could find on internet, but the Mac mini just doesn't recognise the keyboard at all, I tried lots of keyboards with wire and Mac keyboard with wire but still, no command received on the Mac.
I did try new ram, changed slots, used only one slot, still nothing, bring back old hdd, nothing, put another new hdd nothing. I did plug out the power from psu on board and let it about 2 mins pull in again, nothing.

So I am afraid what could happened, because it seems like problem is in software, but I am afraid if that moment board decide to die or something else, I don't know.

I have to wait till 1st oct for the service guy who work at apple reseller store in my country coz we don't have a real apple store but till then I am trying to get it work somehow if I can.

Anyone here had similar problem or have clue what's going on with this little machine?

Thanks :))
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