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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by SpookTheHamster, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    I'm searching for a new computer for my sister, who's moving out soon. She wants something small to use it with her TV, and I want to keep it Mac, so I was thinking about a Mac Mini.

    This is probably a simple question, but I wanted to know if she'd be able to plug her Mac Mini into the television to use the television as a monitor. Also, would she be able to use her Mac Mini as a PVR, recording what she watches on Sky Digital?

    Any guides for doing the above would be really helpful, too.

    Also, any recommendations on (affordable) HD-ready televisions? She'll be buying a new one of those when she goes.

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    Nov 7, 2004
    I think I've answered the first question: The LG 32LX2R has a DVI input, so I think I can plug the Mini straight into it.

    Now all I need to know is whether it's possible to use the Mini to record from Sky Digital. It looks like the EyeTV EZ can plug into the Sky Digital box, which will let me record from the television. Anyone here have experience using an EyeTV or other hardware to record Sky?
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    I have a Westinghouse 37" LCD, now available for under US$1500 (the w1 version... the w3 is pricier but with more inputs). It accepts full 1920x1080 input from my mini core duo - but only on one of the two DVI inputs, which brings up a point: be sure to read the specs to see not only what the resolution of the TV is but also what resolutions it will accept on each of its inputs - they vary widely between TVs and even on the same TV for different inputs, even of the same type.

    I'm a fan of Elgato products, but beware that most are standard definition, and the high-def ones require HD input on the cable/antenna jack and have no other means of getting an HD signal (i.e., via HDMI, DVI, etc.).
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    DVR information.

    Click the link to find out all about using a Mac Mini as a DVR.
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    Apr 2, 2006
    Can you by any chance get hold of the Feb 2006 issue of Macworld? They have a very detailed article about how to turn your mac into a multimedia mac.

    Otherwise, if you don't, visit Elgatos website and they have a tool to see which model is right for you.
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    Yeah, my secondary sky output goes into the Elgato EyeTV EZ. Can record fine. It's great, though the TV guide is useless because obviously, just as with a TV, you only tune EyeTV to the one Sky channel. I have Sky+ though so I don't use the PVR features.

    If you close, but not quit, EyeTV you can fire it up/make it full screen/record/close it all from the remote control. Add in the Front Row remote and you have a pretty comprehensive media centre. It's just a shame TV can't be watched through Front Row itself. Oh well.

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