mac mini to 37" vizio, display settings..HELP


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Dec 5, 2009
hi you guys and thank you for reading my message, but i am needing some help on how to optimize my 37" vizio hdtv to my mac mini.

i have my mini connected to my tv using the dvi to hdmi connection. im using the mini dvi connector that came with the mini and i bought a dvi to hdmi adapter, and then connected it using a standard hdmi wire connected to the tv.

the mini recognizes my tv and i am able to view the net, slingbox and other things on it. the issue that i am having is that the net, video on the net and my slingbox dont look crisp enough as if i were using a regular monitor.

these are the settings that i am currently using on the mac display setting:
720p refresh at 69ghz, rotation standard.
then color tab i have the original and like 5 other profiles that i have attempted to set up but the color and the crispness is still not there.

i have at the same tinkered with my setting on the actual tv but im still not getting what im looking for.

by the way my net speed is about 6mbps dsl which i usually get pretty good speed.

if anyone can point me in the right direction or share tips i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance

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