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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by thequicksilver, May 25, 2006.

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    Just wallowing a few minutes away before I go to bed by looking at the Intel Mac I hope to get at the end of the summer. I'll end up getting either a Mac mini or a Macbook, and whichever one I get I'd want a 100 or 120GB hard drive. Sound OK? Here's my problem though.

    This is the list of upgrades for the Mac mini's hard drive:


    And this is the Macbook:


    (These are UK NUS student prices)

    So the upgrade to 100GB from 80 is almost twice the price on the Macbook as on the mini. The upgrade from 80 to 120 is 50% more on the Macbook.

    Bit stingy isn't it? Are these prices reflected elsewhere in the world? I'm sure extra padding and stuff on the Macbook (is the sudden motion sensor built onto the HDD, or is it on the motherboard?) will reflect in some price difference, but IMHO this difference is simply ridiculous.

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    Strange but looks similar on the US store: (Mini on top, MB (black) on bottom)

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    Personally, if I were to buy a MacBook now I'd get it with the stock 60GB and then throw a larger hard drive and memory in afterwards.

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