Mac Mini windows network and sound controller Drivers

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by JamesOG, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Mar 8, 2013
    There are a lot threads that have to do with this. But I think I have a universal solution. I have a mac mini from 2011. I have bootcamp 3.0 and I the mac OS is an up to date Snow Leopard 10.6 something. I am trying to get windows installed on my mac so I can play games. I am already running a vm in the mac OS which I can do work on, but I would like to run windows at my cpu's native speed- again for gaming.

    So far I have installed windows 7 and it works but the ethernet, wireless network adapter, and sound controllers are all not working. I just installed vista and same thing- NO INTERNET. So I need these internet drivers. I have been working on this for two days now.
    (The bootcamp utility cannot access the windows for mac files that are suggested to download before windows install, Also my original disc is at my parents house in another town a good drive away- who's to say that the drivers on the disc will work anyways since the computer is 2 years old. And anyways I have been 90% successful in this process but I always get stuck at no internet so I cannot use the windows hardware utility to find third party drivers.)

    I believe that the simplest solutions for all mac systems trying to run windows is to activate the INTERNET and then use windows hardware wizard utility to locate the other drivers online. This is my hunch just from reading a lot of the threads on this topic. I believe this will work for all mac systems running either SL or Lion- although I think that lion and bootcamp 4 are better at this procedure as most of the threads show that the internet controller works from the initial install.

    So I wanted to start a thread in which all the possible Ethernet controller drivers or wireless network controller drivers for mac systems could be linked to so that people who load windows on a mac system could easily reference it, but I am not really that computer savvy.

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