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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by CubaTBird, Jan 19, 2005.

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    It does have issues, i read on that palmer guys website and he does make good points.. such as..

    Switchers who try to re-use their old Windows keyboard are going to repeatedly run into problems with the key mappings.

    Most Macs come with three USB ports on the CPU, which is plenty because the included Apple keyboard has two additional USB ports for a total of five. But the Mac Mini has just two USB ports on the CPU. This means that if the customer re-uses his USB keyboard and USB mouse, and if that keyboard doesn't have any additional USB ports on it (most don't), then the keyboard and mouse alone will take up all of the customer's available USB ports. The simple act of plugging in a printer (let alone a digital camera or an iPod shuffle) will require the customer to either temporarily unplug the mouse, or to buy a USB hub. It's not that USB hubs are expensive, but you're asking the customer to go and buy one just for the "privilege" of connecting a printer to their computer. That's just beyond silly.

    and the fact about that older pc usesrs still have ps2 keyboards

    yeah it could have gone in that forum about the article but i wanted to post it as discussion
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    yeah, that seems like a big problem. but usually if someone has a USB keyboard and mouse they probably have a hub cause a lot of older windows machines only had 2 USB ports anyway. newer ones have more but they dont even have standard USB keyboards and mice.
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    Yeah I disagree on a lot of things with Bill Palmer but he has a point about bundling p/s2 - usb adaptors. It'll annoy a lot of people if they don't get good advice. That's the key. What do they cost $2?
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    For switchers the Mac mini, IMHO, should be CTO with two options:
    - USB Keyboard + Mouse, and
    - 512 MB RAM

    256 MB RAM is too little. Especially as the HD is slow, virtual RAM is more of a penaly than on a 7200 rpm disk. So 512 MB RAM is pretty necessary.
    As stated above, most (99.9% ??) of PC users own PS2 keyboards and mice making the BYODKM sloagan rather untrue.

    Price will be $632.00.

    Still, not bad.... not bad at all!. Remember iLife '05 is free.

    Unless there are PS2 to USB connectors (USB to PS2 are available) which are very cheap, the switcher must consider the $630,- orso pric tag.

    IMHO, it is a great deal! for a mere $630 you've got a gr8 Mac! :)

    < rubbing my eyes in disbelief > ..... a brand new cute Mac with excellent software for that price!

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