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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DeepIn2U, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    Yes this is yet another NAS thread. I've read a few of them over the past month, new/old and looked at a few solutions:

    1. Time Capsule - I've owned a 1TB 1st gen & sold it as I didn't believe MAC filtering was actually working.
    2. DLink DNS-323 - Looks like a good solution for simple NAS backup; limited and build quality looks cheap for the price (ext $215-239CAN new)
    3. Synology DS210j or DS209

    My needs are pretty simple for now and soon going to grow. I've own two Macs - Mac Mini & Al_MB - and currently I'm backing up to a local USB WD MyBook Elite 2TB for the Mini as the family uses it the most. My wife has just got a high-end camera and going to get serious with pictures in RAW format and I figure by end of September our 350GB HDD on the Mini will get full. My Al_uMB will be used for personal surfing, learning XCode and majority for audio production (personal projects).

    My main requirement for a NAS is to use my existing DLINK DIR-615 & a Synology DS210j or DS209 for both my Mac's. My critical requirements are:
    Remote Time Machine backup directly to the Synology NAS
    Remote saving video/audio/pictures from: both Mac's and 2 iPhones (32GB 3GS/16GB IP4)
    Saving Video/Pictures/Music/etc to an externally connected (USB/eSATA) drive to the Synology.
    Retrieving that content over the network - Mac Mini (which will be upgraded to iMac on Xmas), MB and the iPhones while at home and also remotely.
    Sharing Music/Pictures/Video content from externally connected HDD (Synology connected) to the AppleTV 2nd Gen to watch on LCDTV.

    The part I'm not sure I can do is getting time machine backups working without issue from my Al_uMB remotely - WAN - outside of the house without having a account.

    Also in this mix is to somehow get iWeb to distribute a website - for my wife - with content from the Synology solution internal/external HDD (with its content backed up).

    Is what I'm after possible and which of the Synology's the best for my needs??

    Thank you all.
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    Nobody has any suggestions, or have I placed this in the wrong thread?
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    Well I have gone the thecus route with a 7700pro machine. I have had a 5200 but it was not able to do time machine and now that I have converted my laptop and desktop to all apple I needed to bump up my NAS. Thecus has been a good machine. There are a couple of other smaller version from Thecus like the 5500 will do time machine. The only thing to remember is you have to attach the Nas folder for time machine with AFP.

    I hope that helps.

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