Mac Network Locations - autmatic switching?

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    Hi guys,

    This may have been asked before, and I did search, but I can't find helpful info.

    Its with regard to networks. I can't figure out how to have the mac automatically know what my location is and connect to my preferred network.

    What I have done
    I have setup locations in the network preference settings. For example, I have my home which has ethernet and wireless. Then, I have work, which also has ethernet and wireless, but with a proxy and a different workgroup to my home location. Then, I have college which has quite a lot of extra settings for wireless.

    Now the problem is, I have to manually select these locations by opening up settings and network settings, and then choosing my location. Surely this can be an automatic process? My iPhone automatically recognises the SSID of wireless networks and connects with my proxy settings and everything. Why can't my mac do this?

    Please can you help. Locations seems the only way to do this since I need a proxy on some networks and not on others.

    Any advice will be appreciated.
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    You should be able to do this using the Automatic location built into OS/X. You can add multiple interfaces and add their settings for each place you're at, i.e. college, work, and home. When you plug in the Ethernet or turn on the WiFi that you configured for each of your locations, OS/X will automatically light up the proper interface with the right settings. You can even set the interface priority order inside a Location in case you have Ethernet and WiFi available in the same place, you can tell it which one to look for first.

    See: Using network locations in Mac OS X

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