Mac newb here, Trying to backup iphoto pictures to dropbox

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ThereGoesJB, Aug 16, 2016.

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    What is the proper way to move the image files from iphoto to the dropbox folder?
    I have always used a PC but my gf uses a 6 year old macbook pro running OSX version 10.6.8

    I convinced her to buy a dropbox account to backup everything. The thing I love about dropbox on the PC is that it acts like a regular folder on your computer, you work out of it or whatever.

    Her harddrive is like 99% full and I was trying to cut/paste her pictures into a dropbox folder (not upload from the dropbox website, but copy into the dropbox folder, the idea here is that this will be her new pictures folder that will always be syncing with dropbox). But something wasnt working, is iphoto like itunes where, the "file" is actually just database entry that references the actual file somewhere else?

    Is there another place I should be going to get the actual image files to cut/paste?

    I know for a common mac user this is probably pretty basic stuff but im scared ill somehow delete her pictures not knowing what im doing. Thanks
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    The file is a packaged database if you will.
    If you right click on the photos file and choose "Show Package Contents" inside that you should now see a file structure.
    The folder labeled Masters will be the one that contains all the actual pictures. But they are also structured, so inside Masters is Year folders, inside those are months, then days, and so forth.
    This is just how to access all the originals.

    Also if you want to simply move the Photos Library file to another folder and Photos to find it and work properly, Hold the Option key then click Photos, when it opens it will ask you where the file is that you want to use.
    The same thing works for iTunes. Move your iTunes folder to an external, Hold Option when opening iTunes and it will ask you where the Library is.

    Hoping this gives you a little more information to work with.
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    The OP is using iPhoto, not Photos. In the iPhoto Library package file, imported photos are in the Originals Folder. However, you are strongly advised not to mess about inside that iPhoto Library file as it can seriously corrupt iPhoto.

    That depends whether the "Copy Photos to iPhoto Library" option in iPhoto Preferences is ticked.

    Putting stuff in to will not improve this.Much better to fit a bigger internal drive(very easy), or transfer her iPhoto Library file to an external drive.

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