Mac Newbie - iMac 27" with yellow tint. How long does it take to fix?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by wozwebs, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Bought my Apple iMac 27" from Best Buy here in the UK in their 20% off sale on August 26th. 3.06ghz Dual Core with 1TB HD and 4GB Ram. Was £1199 but got it for £960 so great price. Also bought Applecare 3 year package as it also had 20% off.

    Now this is my first ever Mac after being dragged into the Apple world by my iPhone and iPad. I love it, everything is a joy to use and i've been surprised at how quickly I have adapted to the world of Mac.

    Anyway when I got it home on the day I noticed a spec of dust under the glass. Called Best Buy but surprise, surprise they had sold out of the model I had. No biggie I thought, I will get it looked at one day.

    Then I started reading about the yellow tint issue and I can clearly see it on mine. It runs from the bottom to around a third of the way up the screen. One way I test it is to just look at the blank screen when booting up. Clear as day that it has the problem. This is a late 2009 model.

    Now I just called Applecare up and I am booked in to the Apple Store next Thursday to 'replace the panel'. I asked if this is done there and then but he said no, it needs to go away.

    Just wondering how long this process takes from people with past experience? I thought with the prior warning I would be coming in they would have the replacement panel there waiting for me and replace it out the back? Nearest store is an hour away so bit inconvenient, especially lugging that monster around.

    Can I expect to be without it for a week? Still have my PC here so all is not lost but after paying almost £1000 I now face two trips to get something fixed that shouldn't be there.

    Any help/advice most welcome.
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    Jun 1, 2010
    The branch I bought it from has an Apple section, all kitted out like an Apple Store, but when I called them they advised to phone Apple Care and then take it to an Apple Store.

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